Sustainable Aquaculture Technology

The Design

AgriMarine has assembled a team of experts in all aspects of design, implementation, maintenance and husbandry of salmon in closed rearing environments. Some of the features of the AgriMarine System™  include:

• Scalable floating system – tanks range from 3,000 m3 in operation, 5,500 m3 currently in design phase

• Neutral buoyancy able to withstand tidal and current loads

• Variable depth intake draws water from below level of harmful algae blooms

• No re-recirculation of water in the rearing system, therefore eliminating the need for ammonia removal technologies

• Electric powered, lessens the dependence on fossil fuel

• Fecal material and waste feed are removed through a waste separator, screening and filtration process

• Solid waste has the potential for sale as a plant nutrient

• Real-time monitoring system analyzes water quality

• Automated controls adjust oxygen inputs and pumping rates and provides notification alarms for ranges outside normal operations

waste chart1 440x211 The Design

All systems have backup systems in place as part of operational protocols:

• An oxygen generating system will be used to supplement dissolved oxygen in the tank environment and liquid oxygen tanks will be used as backup

• Diesel generators will be used in the event of primary power failure