Sustainable Aquaculture Technology

Clean Technology for Fish Farming

The AgriMarine System™ – Proprietary Clean Technology

AgriMarine was originally in the business of salmon aquaculture off the coast of Vancouver Island, B.C using conventional open-net pen systems. Negative experiences with stock losses due to external environmental events such as toxic algae blooms, which are common in the net cage industry, led the team at AgriMarine to develop technology that mitigates these risks.

The resulting proprietary technology, the AgriMarine System™, is based on our proprietary floating solid-walled tanks that combine the environmental and husbandry benefits of land-based fish farming with the low operational costs of open net pen aquaculture.

Key features of the technology include:

  • Energy efficiency with low head, high flow pump
  • Semi-Closed system for effective management of rearing environment
  • Able to operate in fresh and salt water environments in any temperature
  • Risk mitigation from algae and low dissolved oxygen events
  • Adjustable intake depth for source water temperature control
  • Integrated oxygen supplementation and control systems
  • Disease mitigation from sea lice and other pathogens
  • Improved feed utilization
  • Ideally suited for post-smolt production
  • Technology tested and proven for salmon and trout; also suitable for sea bream, sea bass, barramundi, sable fish, sturgeon and other species
  • Outfitted with our proprietary Nutrient Recovery System which turns potentially deleterious waste into feedstock for the production of high value organic fertilizers

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