Sustainable Aquaculture Technology


Benefits of our Technology

AgriMarine’s solid-wall containment systems are uniquely designed to float in inter-tidal regions or fresh water bodies, removing organic waste and using pristine rearing waters supplemented with oxygen to provide control of the fish culture environment.

Key benefits include:

Maximizing fish health the AgriMarine System™ monitors and adjusts water intakes in order to regulate and optimize rearing water temperatures

Separating the farm environment from the natural environment by establishing a barrier between the farmed and the wild fish. This aids in the prevention of fish escapes, control of disease infestations and protection from predators

Implementing waste removal processes that eliminate undesirable pollution to local marine eco-cultures thus preventing eutrophication of the reservoir due to nutrient overloading

Utilizing energy more efficiently than land-based projects due to greater harvest sizes from equivalent footprints and an optimized rearing environment

Lowering operating costs versus land-based tanks and approaching par with traditional net cage farms

Eliminating or reducing the need for antibiotics, pesticides, and the ammonia removal systems used in land-based systems

Increasing fish feed efficiency as no feed is lost to “drift” (when current carries it out of the pen) and any uneaten feed is captured in the waste trap and monitored in real time, so the farmer knows when to stop feeding.

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