Sustainable Aquaculture Technology

Salmon Farm – China

Sustainable Fresh Salmon in China

The AgriMarine System™ has been deployed in a fresh water reservoir near the City of Benxi, Liaoning Province, where the Company is currently rearing China’s first and only closed containment Chinook or King salmon from Canadian ova. China offers the world’s largest growth market for salmon and the Company has the competitive advantage of a local, environmentally-sound production, providing the freshest salmon in the country. As a domestic producer, AgriMarine’s  products are not subject to import tariffs, air freight charges or quarantine delays, often being able to  ship to major cities within China 48 hours from harvest.

The Canadian ova were selected for their high growth performance and are federally-certified and pathogen-free. The Benxi fish rearing facility is centrally located near the tier one cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

benxi tanks july 2011 Salmon Farm   China

Tanks at AgriMarine’s Benxi farm

Benxi Hatchery Tanks cropped Salmon Farm   China

Hatchery at Benxi Farm in China

About Benxi Region

The city of Benxi, located in the mountainous region in eastern Liaoning Province, has a strong and diverse industrial raw materials base producing iron and steel, coal, building materials and chemical products. Known for its policies toward sustainable development and for promoting cleaner production technologies, Benxi City has worked closely with AgriMarine to ensure that our fish rearing facility meets high environmental standard and quality controls. AgriMarine is committed to responsible business practices balancing the needs of the consumer with the requirement of the environment.

How AgriMarine’s technology works at our farm at Benxi

The AgriMarine System™ tanks (3,000 cubic meters) float in the mountain stream-fed pristine waters of the Guanmenshan Reservoir, stocked with juveniles from our own hatchery with ova brought in from Canada. The tanks are designed to draw warmer water from depth, and the water is further supplemented with oxygen to maximize fish health. Our systems force water in the tanks to remain in constant circulation, resulting in healthier, firmer-fleshed fish. Real-time monitoring systems analyze water quality and regulate fish life-support and feeding.

By regulating rearing water temperature from depth, the AgriMarine System™ can optimize the rearing period, resulting in larger fish than produced in Chinese net cages. Furthermore, by setting up a pattern of continuous harvest, seasonal fish can now be enjoyed fresh, year-round, produced in China, and representing a smaller energy footprint than imported fresh fish.