Sustainable Aquaculture Technology


Innovative Solid-Wall Containment Technology

The AgriMarine System™ is solid-wall containment technology  developed to improve fish farming practices by facilitating the capture of waste feed/feces, better feed conversions, mitigating environmental effects on wild fish through the prevention of escapes and avoiding proximal contamination such as marine parasites.

Investing in Food Security
• Unique advanced technology for fish farming
• Sustainable technology with highly scalable business model
• Sales channels and agreements in place
• Experienced management team in aquaculture technology, salmon farming, capital markets
• Potential applications for other fin fish species such as Bluefin tuna, sea bream, sea bass
• Comparable cost of production to existing industry
• Proven technology with harvests and sales
• Little competition in the aquatic closed containment space with first mover advantage
• Fastest growing food production sector in the world and huge consumer market
• Environmentally sustainable with low carbon footprint