Sustainable Aquaculture Technology

Clean Technology for Fish Farming

AgriMarine has developed commercial-scale environmentally responsible technology for aquaculture and has established a new model and standard for sustainable fish farming. AgriMarine’s proprietary tank technology, the AgriMarine System™ is clean technology for better fish husbandry.

The core basis of the technology is the separation of the farmed fish from its surrounding environment, while gaining control of the rearing environment by regulating in-tank water temperature, supplemented oxygen and feed, disposing of the waste and mitigating disease transfer. AgriMarine has developed the world’s most advanced floating tanks for use in water bodies such as lakes, and reservoirs and has recently designed a more rugged tank for marine applications.

The solid-wall system also contributes to a healthier surrounding ecosystem, increased growth rates and the reduction or elimination of antibiotics, additives or preservatives. AgriMarine’s proprietary waste retrieval system eliminates undesirable waste pollution to the surrounding environment.

Key benefits include:

  • Control over the rearing environment
  • Salmon raised without antibiotics, additives or preservatives
  • No solid waste pollution to sea beds
  • Waste collection system removes fecal material which can be used as fertilizer on land
  • No wasted feed that attracts wild fish or marine mammals
  • Barrier against escapes and predation
  • Reduced disease transmission and sea lice infestations
  • Temperature control for farming in warm and cold climates, including iced reservoirs or lakes
  • Supplemented oxygen for faster growth cycles
  • Better feed conversion
  • Low energy requirements
  • Comparable costs of production with added environmental and financial benefits
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