Sustainable Aquaculture Technology

About AgriMarine

Canadian-based AgriMarine has developed innovative aquaculture technology for salmon farming. The Company utilizes its proprietary solid-walled floating tanks to farm salmon in closed containment in freshwater bodies or in marine environments. AgriMarine is a publicly traded company on the TSX Venture Exchange (FSH) and on the Frankfurt Exchange (A2G).

AgriMarine’s clean technology systems are currently being used to produce environmentally sustainable Pacific salmon in the Company’s freshwater farm in China. The Company also has a demonstration marine site in Vancouver Island, British Columbia. With its unique and innovative environmentally sound technology, the Company’s mission is to become a leading producer of clean protein aquaculture products. AgriMarine will meet the growing demand for hormone and pesticide-free, sustainably-raised,  premium seafood.

AgriMarine was formed in order to develop sustainable alternatives to open net salmon farming. AgriMarine’s approach is simple: utilize cutting-edge aquaculture technology and fish farming know-how to make salmon culture more environmentally friendly, while demonstrating economic performance advantages over net cage and land-based salmon farming.

AgriMarine is at the leading edge of transformational clean technology in one of the fastest growing agribusinesses in the world.

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