Sustainable Aquaculture Technology

About AgriMarine

AgriMarine Holdings is a Canadian-based aquaculture company, specializing in fish farming and in developing sustainable aquaculture technologies. AgriMarine is a publicly-traded company, listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol FSH, and is a reporting issuer of British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.

AgriMarine’s farming division operates through two wholly-owned subsidiaries: West Coast Fishculture (Lois Lake) Ltd. and Benxi AgriMarine Inc.

West Coast FishCulture (“WCFC”) is the premier supplier of Steelhead salmon in British Columbia and its premium “Lois Lake Steelhead” brand is recognized for its quality and sustainable rearing practices. OceanWise™ recommended, Lois Lake Steelhead is a featured dish in leading British Columbia restaurants.

The Company has been in the business of producing and selling fish in China since 2010 through Benxi AgriMarine, initially direct to local seafood distributors and later to restaurants and retail grocery chains in and near Beijing. Benxi AgriMarine is uniquely positioned as the only domestic commercial producer of closed containment Pacific salmon in China as there is virtually no domestic commercial production due to climatic limitations or site restrictions. In the fresh fish business, the Company has the advantages of reduced transportation costs, no duties and import taxes.

AgriMarine is at the leading edge of transformational clean technology in one of the fastest growing agribusinesses in the world.

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