Sustainable Aquaculture Technology

Corporate Governance

Mandate of the Board of Directors

The board of directors of the Corporation has overall responsibility for the stewardship of the Corporation, including responsibility for:

(a) Adoption of a strategic planning process and approval and review, on at least an annual basis, of a strategic plan which takes into account, among other things, the opportunities and risks of the Corporation’s business;

(b) identification of the principal risks of the Corporation’s business and ensuring the implementation of appropriate systems to manage these risks;

(c) succession planning, including appointing, training and monitoring senior management in general and the CEO in particular;

(d) communication policies for the Corporation, which policies should (i) address how the Corporation interacts with analysts, investors, other key stakeholders and the public; (ii) contain measures for the Corporation to comply with its continuous and timely disclosure obligations and to avoid selective disclosure; and (iii) be reviewed at least annually;

(e) the integrity of the Corporation’s internal control and management information systems;

(f) developing the Corporation’s approach to corporate governance issues; and

(g) assessing the effectiveness of the Board, the recruitment of new directors and the provision of orientation and education programs for new directors.

The full text of the Corporate Governance Charter will be available for download shortly.

The full text of the Audit Committee Charter is available for download here.

Members of the Board of Directors are also bound by our Code of Ethics which applies not only our Board of Directors, but also to employees. The full text of the Code of Ethics will be available for download shortly.