Sean Wilton Profile Photo

Sean Wilton

President & CEO, AgriMarine Holdings Inc.

Mr. Wilton was named President and CEO of AgriMarine in 2012. He has worked with AgriMarine since 2004, designing hatchery and closed containment rearing environments. Mr. Wilton has been involved in many aspects of the environmental engineering, construction and aquaculture industries for over 18 years. His engineering experience encompasses a multitude of designs, from complex municipal water systems to the most advanced fish hatchery systems in the world and the largest cold-water fish hatchery in North America. Mr. Wilton is an aerospace engineering graduate from the Canadian Forces School and holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Military College of Kingston.

Robert Walker Profile Photo

Robert Walker

President, AgriMarine Technologies Inc.

Mr. Walker has extensive experience in logistics, sales and marketing, procurement and regulatory compliance, having worked with AgriMarine since 1993 in a variety of positions and in the seafood distribution industry as a senior manager with responsibility for sales and purchasing. Mr. Walker worked at AgriMarine as Manager of Logistics and Purchasing where he coordinated all intra- and extra-company transportation activities and managed all purchasing activities; as Director of Sales & Marketing; and as Director of Operations & Marketing, where he was involved with the licensing for the land-based closed containment pilot project at Cedar and the marine-based Middle Bay Project. Mr. Walker holds a Master of Business Administration from Royal Roads University, where he focused on Executive Management with a specialization in Leadership Studies.

Stephen Robinson Profile Photo

Stephen Robinson

General Manager

Mr. Robinson has significant salmon aquaculture farm management experience, including project planning, designing and installing automation control systems, sampling, and designing IT systems. Since 1994, Mr. Robinson has worked for AgriMarine in the capacities of Production Manager for AgriMarine’s west coast operations, Production Manager for a land-based salmon aquaculture research facility and currently as Senior Manager of Design and Technology for AgriMarine’s marine-based solid-wall containment finfish aquaculture systems. Mr. Robinson has designed and installed control and monitoring systems for pumps, oxygenation, and waste water treatment and has conducted environmental field monitoring and background surveys in pursuit of prospective freshwater and marine aquaculture licenses. Mr. Robinson holds a Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry) from the University of Victoria and completed subsequent studies in Math, Physics, Computer Science at the University of Victoria.