Sustainable Aquaculture Technology


AgriMarine is a progressive company at the forefront of cutting edge technology for modern aquaculture practices. We pride ourselves on the team of highly skilled employees that form our core group. Collectively, AgriMarine’s management boasts well over 100 years of experience in the fish rearing business, finance, capital markets, hatchery design and closed containment rearing environments.

AgriMarine values employment equity. Our greatest assets are the talent and expertise of our people. Our culture and values mirror Canadian standards and strong work ethic that is admired and respected throughout the world.

We value diversity. We believe that a company thrives with a cross section of people from all walks of life, and gender, age, race, culture, and religion never play into an employment decision. We are currently bridging the Canadian and Chinese cultures for the long term success of our business. We are also working together with Aboriginal groups in BC to introduce the potential benefits that AgriMarine’s technology can bring to their communities.

AgriMarine will make a positive impact in terms of job creation. Depending on the size of a fish rearing facility and its production capacity, AgriMarine will hire and train a local construction force, hire supervisors and managers, as well as provide jobs in the hatcheries and processing plants. The multiplier effects of an aquaculture industry will spread into value-added products and services and as economic spin-offs, benefiting entire communities.


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