Sustainable Aquaculture Technology

Meeting consumer demands for sustainable aquaculture.

About AgriMarine

Canadian-based AgriMarine has developed innovative aquaculture technology for salmon farming. The Company utilizes its proprietary solid-walled floating tanks to farm salmon in closed containment in freshwater bodies or in marine environments. AgriMarine is a publicly traded company on the TSX Venture … Read More »

Clean Technology for Fish Farming

AgriMarine has developed commercial-scale environmentally responsible technology for aquaculture and has established a new model and standard for sustainable fish farming. AgriMarine’s proprietary tank technology, the AgriMarine System™ is clean technology that resolves the environmental problems associated with current salmon … Read More »

Sustainable Fish Farming

One of the fastest growing food-producing sectors, aquaculture now accounts for approximately 50% of the world’s food fish.  Aquaculture continues to grow more rapidly than all other animal food-producing sectors, with an average annual growth rate for the world of … Read More »

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